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Newegg Marketplace Seller Portal Help Guide

pre_order.jpg Update History Function Overview user.jpg Manage Account archive.jpg Manage Items
History overview Seller Portal function
Access account, shipping,
data feed, or vacation settings
View, create, & update
item info
shopping-cart.jpg Manage Order Manage Promotion Manage Message Manage Claims
Processing orders & returns,
create SBN multi-channel
orders & create pre-orders
Create & manage
your promotions
Communication with customers Manage your customer claims
Manage Store Business Report Other Reports Add-On Services
Manage your store front Reporting of operations
and financial information
Additional reports for
SBN sellers
Additional services to enhance
your business
User Guides Taxonomy Guide Solution Providers
Step-by-step instructions for
available services
Download the latest Newegg
taxonomy guide including
website navigation tree and
property information
View all service providers
integrated with us
Sell and ship to 51 countries
eliteseller.jpg Contact Us
Program Guide Information Email groups

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