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 +===== Account Management =====
 +  * [[Account Management: SellerID|What is a Seller ID?]]
 +  * [[Account Management: resetpassword|How do I reset my Newegg Marketplace Seller Portal password?]]
 +  * [[Account Management: switchbankinformation|How do I go about switching our banking information?​]]
 +  * [[Account Management: issuepayment|What date are payment settlements issued? ]]
 +  * [[Account Management: accountactivate|Is there a checklist or verification process for a Seller prior to putting their account live, as part of integration / seller onboarding? ]]
 +  * [[Account Management: accountdeactivation|How do I close my seller account for a short while (i.e. holiday)?]]
 +  * [[Account Management: storefront|In Store front, I've added my banner and it appears. But, the "​Continue"​ button is not selectable. What is going on?]]
 +  * [[Account Management: testingaccount|Does Newegg marketplace have a testing account?]]
 +  * [[Account Management: Inactive&​active|What is the difference between "​Inactive"​ and "​Active"​ seller account?]]

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