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Add-On Services

The services under Add-on Services section are provided to help you enhance your listings, drive a better customer shopping experience, and help you grow sales.


A+ Content

A+ Content services offer customized product Overviews that are visually pleasing and easy for customers to understand. With more information than a typical listing, A+ Content helps customers make informed purchase decisions and helps you grow sales. A+ Content is now a self-service in Seller Portal where you can manage your requests.

How to Start:

  1. Newegg Seller Portal > Add-on Services > A+ Content
  2. Follow the instructions in the A+ Content Services User Guide to submit A+ Content request. a_content.png

Note: For technical support, please email

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Newegg Premier Seller Program

Customers love Newegg Premier for its free and reliable three-day shipping. And now, you are enrolled for the Newegg Premier Seller program. This will allow you to reach Premier members on Newegg for a significant increase in sales. By joining the Newegg Premier Seller Program, you will:

  • Provide Premier shipping benefits to Newegg Premier Members.
  • Offer free 3-5 Day Shipping for all Premier enabled items.
  • Using Newegg Shipping Label Service for all Newegg Premier orders.
  • Agree to all shipping, returns, and customer service requirements applicable to all Newegg Premier orders.

Note: Newegg premier Seller Program is available for only.

How to Start:

  1. Newegg Seller Portal > Add-on Services > Newegg Premier Seller Program
  2. Read Terms and Conditions, and click REQUEST TO ENABLE button to enroll Newegg Premier Program.premierprogram01.png
  3. You will receive a confirmation email notice once your request is processed.

To opt-in items for Newegg Premier Seller Program, click here for details.

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Newegg Shipping Label Service

Newegg Shipping Label Service offers sellers an alternative, cost-effective shipping solution compared to other 3rd party shipping services. We provide a print-ready shipping label at a discounted rate. You then attach the label to the package and ship it. It's that easy.

Note: Currently only available for US domestic orders and shipped from U.S. continental locations. And this service is only available for and

Seller Benefits

  • Save money with great shipping rates.
  • No special requirement for label printer. You can print shipping labels from any printer.
  • Easily manage your shipments and orders in the same Seller Portal.
  • Build customer loyalty. When you print shipping labels from Newegg Marketplace Seller Portal, the tracking number is automatically updated for orders. An email with the tracking number will be sent to your customers so that they know the item(s) has shipped.

How to start:

  1. Newegg Seller Portal > Add-on Service > Newegg Shipping Label Service
  2. Read Terms and Conditions, Click ENABLE THE SERVICE button to enroll Newegg Shipping Label Service.shippinglabelservice.png

To process orders with Newegg Shipping Label Service, click here for details.

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