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an_item_with_the_same_manufacturer_and_manufacturer_part_number_already_exists_in_our_system_with_a_different_upc_0_._please_review_and_update_the_item_you_are_trying_to_create._dc0004 [2014/06/25 23:04] (current)
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 +**Error Message**
 +  An item with the same manufacturer and manufacturer part # already exists in our 
 +  system with a different UPC [{0}]. Please review and update the item you are 
 +  trying to create.[DC0004]
 +**Error Code**
 +The item you're trying to create already exist in our database with a different UPC than the UPC you are
 +providing. Since our system found a matching item with the same Manufacturer and manufacturer part
 +To resolve, double check the item's Manufacturer,​ Manufacturer Part #/ISBN, and UPC are accurate on
 +your end. If you have confirmed the information you're submitting is correct then send an email to to review the item that exist in our database for quality assurance.

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