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 +==== API - Item Creation/​Update ====
 +^ Error Code ^ Description ^
 +|CT001 |Invalid ItemNumber|
 +|CT002 |Invalid SellerPartNumber|
 +|CT003 |Invalid UPCCode|
 +|CT004 |Item under review, you cannot activate.|
 +|CT005 |Invalid Action Type. We only support: 0 – NE Item#, 1 -- Seller Parts#, 2 -- UPC Code|
 +|CT006 |Invalid MSRP. The range should be between 0-99999.99|
 +|CT007 |Invalid Selling Price. The range should be between 0-99999.99|
 +|CT008 |Invalid Shipping type. We only support: 0 - default, 1 - free shipping|
 +|CT009 |Cannot activate item by restricted manufacturer - {0}[({1}){2}].|
 +|CT010 |Cannot find item with specified item condition.|
 +|CT014 |SellerItemNumber or SellerPartNumber does not exist|
 +|CT015 |Item does not belong to this seller|
 +|CT016 |The item: [SellerPart#​] is locked for an on-going/​upcoming promotion. CANNOT update the Shipping.|
 +|CT019 |The item: [SellerPart#​] is locked for an on-going/​upcoming promotion. CANNOT update the Selling Price.|
 +|CT022 |This item is Shipping by newegg. Can NOT update inventory|
 +|CT023 |Inventory value must be between 0 and 999999|
 +|CT025 |This item is an approved promotion and its minimum inventory cannot be lower than {0}|
 +|CT026 |No data found|
 +|CT028 |Invalid Active Mark. We only support: 0 - deactivate item, 1 - activate item|
 +|CT029 |The selling price {selling price} cannot be greater than MSRP {MSRP}.|
 +|CT030 |MAP price should be decimal with 2 digitals. The range should be between 0-99999.99.|
 +|CT031 |Invalid CheckoutMAP value. We only support: 0 - False, 1 – True.|
 +|CT032 |The selling price cannot be 0.|
 +|CT033 |Invalid manufacturer name :{0}.|
 +|CT034 |[MfrName] Error: This Manufacturer is existing! Please use correct manufacturer name "​{0}"​ for your reference.|
 +|CT035 |[MfrName] Error: The manufacturer "​{0}” already exists.|
 +|CT036 |<​nowiki>​Require {manufacturer name | manufacturer URL}.</​nowiki>​|
 +|CT037 |[MfrSupportPhone] Error: Format Error. Examples: Domestic – 222-222-2222-2222. International–0086-12345678EXT1234.|
 +|CT038 |[MfrName] Error: The manufacturer “{0}” already declined.Please try another manufacturer name.|
 +|CT039 |[MfrURL] Error:​Format Error,For example:​http://​|
 +|CT041 |[MfrName] Error: The manufacturer "​{0}"​ already existed in another pending request.|
 +|CT042 |[SupportEmail] Error:​Format Error,For example:​|
 +|CT043 |The item cannot be active because of one of the following reasons:​1.Does not exist 2.Breaks the price rule 3.No image|
 +|CT044 |The item cannot be deactive because of an ongoing promotion locked by Newegg|
 +|CT045 |Item cannot be activated with 0 inventory; it had be deactivated automatically due to 15 days out of stock.|
 +|CT047 |Cannot convert Seller Part # [SellerPart#​] to [the original request value of either ship by seller/ship by Newegg] because of scheduled/​ongoing promotion(s). Please close promotion(s) first then submit your request again|
 +|CT049 |This item cannot be shipped by Newegg. Please contact Newegg Marketplace team for more details.|
 +|CT050 |Item Activation Failed. Strict MAP enforced: ${0} – Selling Price must be greater than or equal to strict MAP.Please contact your account manager for more information.|
 +|CT051 |The update submitted for seller part #: {SellerPart#​} cannot be processed because the item is currently deactivated.|

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