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 +==== API - Return & Refund ====
 +^Error Code^Description^
 +|   ​SE001 ​  ​|Invalid SellerPartNumber|
 +|   ​SE003 ​  ​|OrderNumbr is required|
 +|   ​SE004 ​  ​|Cannot issue RMA because the order has not been invoiced.|
 +|   ​SE005 ​  ​|ShipMethodCode is required when RMAType is replacement.|
 +|   ​SE006 ​  ​|RMATransaction is required in RMATransactionList|
 +|   ​SE007 ​  ​|ReasonCode is required|
 +|   ​SE008 ​  ​|Return Qty must be greater than zero|
 +|   ​SE009 ​  ​|[Seller Part #] Return Qty has to be equal to or less than Max Return Qty - Prior Returned Qty, currently the available return qty = {0}.|
 +|   ​SE010 ​  ​|Refund per Qty must be greater than zero.|
 +|   ​SE011 ​  ​|{Seller Part #} refund price per Qty cannot be greater than item unit price, which = {0.00}.|
 +|   ​SE012 ​  ​|Order Shipping Refund cannot be greater than Order Shipping Charge, which = {0.00}.|
 +|   ​SE013 ​  ​|Replacement RMA Order Qty cannot be greater than item available inventory.|
 +|   ​SE014 ​  ​|Item(s) has two fulfillment channels. Please use DiffShippedByPartyAction field to resolve this issue.|
 +|   ​SE015 ​  ​|TrackingNumber is required.|
 +|   ​SE016 ​  ​|TrackingNumber already exists.|
 +|   ​SE017 ​  ​|RMANumber is required|
 +|   ​SE019 ​  |Item total refund amount must be greater than 0.|
 +|   ​SE020 ​  |The following item(s) must return with the current item(s) since they are in a same Combo or Auto Add to Cart promotion :{ Seller Part # List}.|
 +|   ​SE021 ​  |The item’s ReturnUnitPrice cannot be greater than the item’s order’s UnitPrice, which = {0.00}.|
 +|   ​SE023 ​  ​|Total refund amount cannot exceed total order amount, which = {0.00}.|
 +|   ​SE024 ​  |Item does not exist.|
 +|   ​SE025 ​  ​|Cannot issue RMA because the order type is invalid.|
 +|   ​SE026 ​  ​|Cannot issue RMA because the order is a replacement order.|
 +|   ​SE027 ​  ​|Cannot issue RMA because the order has been voided.|
 +|   ​SE028 ​  ​|Can’t update because RMA was not open|
 +|   ​SE029 ​  ​|Can’t update because RMA type = advanced. Please contact Newegg Marketplace Support.|
 +|   ​SE030 ​  ​|Can'​t update because international seller processing by Newegg|
 +|   ​SE031 ​  ​|**Auto Receive is not available for order returns processed by Newegg.**|
 +|   ​SE032 ​  ​|Cannot issue RMA as Auto Receive because the RMA type is not refund.|
 +|   ​SE033 ​  ​|Invalid order number.|
 +|   ​SE034 ​  ​|Refund cannot exceed order total minus previous refunded amount[{0}]|
 +|   ​SE035 ​  |This seller account currently does not support the selected shipping method {0}. Please setup this shipping setting in Seller Portal or select another shipping method.|
 +|   ​SE036 ​  |The item:​{seller part #} unit product refund cannot be less than {minimum refund amount} per account restocking fee setting: {seller restocking fee rate }|

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