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 +==== Downloading item list via sellerportal does not export items over 1000, how can I export all my items? ====
 +There are two ways accomplishing this task 
 +1. Batch Upload Inventory ​
 +You can download your Inventory Feed from the Batch Upload Inventory section of seller portal. ​ The file will include all items’ price information,​ shipping, and activation in one file.  For detailed instructions,​ please refer to section 12.1 titled, “Download Inventory Feed Template” in our integration guide, [[https://​​Guideline/​Integration_Guide.pdf]]. ​
 +2. Batch Item Creation/​Update ​
 +You can download all your existing items from your account with all item information. All items will be downloaded into one data feed for each respective subcategory. This Action can only be performed once every 24 hours. ​ For detailed instructions,​ please refer to section 13.1 titled, “Download Data Feed Template” in our integration guide.

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