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 +===== I use a Mac computer and in Seller Portal i'm getting an error "​Unknown error: [UnauthorizedAccess_IODenied_Path]",​ how can I resolve this? =====
 +Your Silverlight is probably running in a sandbox mode. This error appears whenever Silverlight tries to access the file system (import/​export databases, upload images, import/​export campaigns, designs, etc.). ​
 +In Safari: ​
 +   ​1. ​ Go to Safari preferences ​
 +   ​2. ​ Security and click on "​Manage Website Settings..." ​
 +   ​3. ​ Select "​Silverlight"​ and check "Run in Unsafe Mode". Click "​Done" ​
 +   ​4. ​ After applying new settings, quit and restart Safari. ​

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