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 +===== Item Management =====
 +=== Manufacturer ===
 +  * [[Item Management:​Manufacturer|The Manufacturer name is not listed, how can I get this listed on the Seller Portal? ]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​Manufacturerlogo|How do I create/​update my manufacturer logo?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​Manufacturerurl|How do I update the manufacturer link that appears on the product page of item on Newegg?]]
 +=== Item Basic Content ===
 +  * [[Item Management:​sellerpartnumber|What is a Seller Part number?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​contentrequirement|Does Newegg have requirements and standards for content such as website short titles and product descriptions?​]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​Multimediaindescription|Can I provide multimedia in the product descriptions?​]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​neweggitemnumber|Are Newegg items numbers unique?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​imagesize|What is a valid image height and width?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​maxcharacters|What is the max characters allowed for user input values?]]
 +  * [[Item management:​dropboxhostimage|Can I use to host my images, so I can use to upload my images through data feeds?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​addvalues|I need my color added.]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​subcategoryfeature|In the data feed or item creation in seller portal, there is a subcategory feature (i.e. DC Case_Features). I want to add multiple features how can I do this.]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​imageurl|Can I just provide the following address,​myImage/​example.jpg,​ in the Item Images field in item creation data feed?]]
 +=== Item Creation ===
 +  * [[Item Management:​sameskusoldbymultipleseller|Does NewEgg Marketplace allows multiple sellers selling the same SKU or each item only be sold by one seller? ]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemcreationinsellerportal|I am not sure how to create item from Seller Portal. Can you please help?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemcreation|Why can't I sell an item on Newegg?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​prohibiteditems|Are there prohibited items that I can't sell on Marketplace?​]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemcategorization|How do I properly categorize my SKUs?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​shippingsetting|Item(s) shipping default or free how does it effect shipping?]]
 +  * [[Item management:​refurbisheditem|Are we able to sell used/refurb items, If so how would it be indicate such?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​existingitem|I want to create items that already exist in your system. How does your system match items?]]
 +=== Item Update ===
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemtitle|Why I am not able to change item's Title? ]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​contentupdate|Why can't I edit my items product contents (i.e. description or images) in seller portal? ]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​contentownership|Who has rights to overwrite content for SKUs?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​batchinventoryupdate|Can I download our products from "Item List" on our account and then use our in-house program to update price information,​ inventory, shipping, and activation for our products and upload the file back to you?]]
 +  * [[Item management:​sellerpartnumberupdate|The seller portal or data feed will not let me edit seller part number, UPC, group by, manufacturer,​ or manufacturer part number.]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​subcategoryupdate|I found items are in the wrong subcategory. They should be under different one. How do I correct this? ]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemactivate|I just activated an item, but it has not appeared on yet.]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​exportitemsover1000| Downloading item list via seller portal does not export items over 1000, how can I export all my items?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​batchdeletion|How do I delete my items in batch/​bulk?​]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemgroup|How do I group my items? ]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​manufacturercorrection|The Manufacturer that I'm using found a match with the UPC and/or model number of item on Newegg. However, the matched item is incorrect or a older version of item how do I correct this?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemactivation|I'​m an inactive seller why can't I activate my items?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemdeletion|What happens if I delete item's in my Item List?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​itemwith0inventory|If I have item(s) with 0 inventory what will happen?]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​Itemlist|I'​ve noticed that none of our items show up in the Manage Items > Item List section.]]
 +  * [[Item Management:​MAPupdate|Can I change the MAP Price and CheckoutMap that is set by Newegg?]]

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