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Manage Claims

You are now able to view all the customer claims filed under the Newegg Marketplace Guarantee program. Any time a claim is filed on your Newegg orders, we strongly recommend you to take immediate action to address any issues with the customer. Any claims which are not addressed by sellers will be handled by Newegg within the allotted time frame and Newegg guarantees full customer satisfaction on any eligible claims.

How a claim may affect your account, if you fail to respond to a claim or if Newegg determines you were at fault, the Newegg team will issue the refund to the customer on your behalf and such refund will be debited from your seller account. Additionally, those claims will negatively affect your seller performance. Poor seller performance can lead to warnings or account suspension against your seller account. More information detailing how unsolved Newegg Marketplace Guarantee claims would affect your Seller Performance Measurement will be published soon.

If you would like to appeal a claim or have any questions or concerns, please contact our Seller Service team directly:


View Existing Claims

For every claim, you will receive an email notice with details. These claims may be viewed directly from Seller Portal.


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Claims > Customer Claim
  2. Newegg filters for claims that are under review by Newegg or Seller.
    • You may remove filter to include all resolved and under review claims.
    • Click ADVANCED SEARCH you may filter by either Status, Claim Reason, Claim Date, and/or Close Date.
    • Search for specific claim by changing search filter. Select Order Number, NE Item#, Seller Part# or Claim ID# then enter specific claim number in search field.
  3. Click SEARCH
    (NOTE: If search field blank, Newegg system will search all claims, if there are ADVANCED SEARCH settings it will filter accordingly.)
  4. Click on action icon to get more details about claim. manageclaim01.png

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Resolve Claims

For each claim, you have two business days to work with the customer to resolve issues. We strongly encourage you to work with customers to solve any issues they have. Good communication with customers promotes positive feedback for sellers.


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Claims > Customer Claims > Click SEARCH
  2. Click on customer name to send message to customer.
  3. Suggested solution is to issue an RMA for refund, replacement, or issuing courtesy refund.
    • Click on order number to get redirected to Order Detail page, here you can issue above suggestion. Click here for refund/replacement details.
    • Once the issue is resolved, please remind customers to close the claim from their Newegg “My Account” section.manageclaim02.png

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