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Newegg provides a communication channel for customers and sellers to communicate with each other through Newegg website and Newegg Seller Portal.

Enterprise sellers will have an exclusive feature Post Purchase Email, to learn more about upgrading membership and for complete instructions go here to review our Newegg Elite Seller guide.


View Customer Message

When a customer sends you a message, the message is sent to Customer Message page in Newegg Seller Portal account and your Customer Service Email address.

Note: all email addresses, URLs, attached images and inappropriate language will be filtered from messages by Newegg system.

  1. Customer Message page:
    • To get to Customer Message Page go to Newegg Seller Portal > Manage Message > Customer Message. Or click envelope icon envelopeicon01.jpg at upper right hand corner of Newegg Seller Portal page.
      Note: Newegg Seller Portal will indicate the number of unread messages,envelopeicon02.jpg , example 1 unread message. (only applicable to upper right hand corner icon).
    • Customer Message icons:
      • visitoricon.jpgvisitor icon. Identify the message was sent from an unregistered visitor.
      • UNICODEcustomer icon. Identify the message was sent from an registered customer.
      • replyicon.jpgreply icon. Indicate message has already been replied.
      • Bold message indicates the message has not been read yet.viewmessage.jpg
  2. Newegg system will also send a copy of customers message to the Customer Service Email address you specified in Seller Portal. You may view messages with your preferred email application, i.e. Microsoft Outlook.
  3. To protect customer's privacy, Newegg system will mask customer’s email address (i.e. To view your setting of the current Customer Service Email go to Newegg Seller Portal > Manage Account > Shipping Settings > click NEXT two times to get to Return Policy and Info.

    Microsoft Outlook Inbox example of incoming message: viewmessage02.jpg

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Reply, Send Customer Message

To send or reply messages, you may use Newegg Seller Portal or your preferred email client email application, i.e. Microsoft Outlook.

Any email addresses, URLs, or attached images will be removed from the content of message by Newegg system. If you need to provide additional information to customer such as supporting page or return shipping labels, please contact our Newegg Seller Service team at, our team will forward this information to customers.

  1. To send or reply messages using Seller Portal:
    1. Go to Customer Message page. Locate the message you would like to reply. Click here for the detail of how to locate messages.
    2. Click REPLY next the message to open the text window.
    3. In the text window, enter the message you would like to notify customer.
    4. When you are finished with your message, click SEND MESSAGE. Message will be sent to customer.replymessage01.jpg
  2. To send or reply message using your existing email client email application. As long as you are sending messages based on the registered Customer Service Email address, the message will be delivered to customers and a copy will be saved in Newegg system for review.

    The following example is based on Microsoft Outlook:replymessage02.jpg

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Manage Post Purchase Email (available for Enterprise Sellers only.)

Personalized Post Purchase Email will be available exclusively to Enterprise sellers and allows you, as the seller, to target your customers, driving brand engagement and return business. Features include audience segmentation, curated email templates, and scheduled email sends. This is a great opportunity to further engage these customers to upsell and cross-sell using our post-purchase email strategy.


Select Template

There are 4 pre-designed templates available for you to create your email messages. Available templates including Early Access Offer (Autopopulate Top 4 Items), Existing Promo Code (Custom Item), Existing Promo Code Store Wide, and Popular Products (Custom Multi Item).


  1. Seller Portal > Manage Message > Post Purchase Email
  2. For creating new message, click CREATE NEW to start.mm_mppe1.png
  3. Select template.
  4. Based on template selected, the pre-defined text and feature items from your store will be added.
  5. Click the Edit icon (if applicable) for opening a pop-up window for editing text. For example, adding promo code issued for customers.
  6. You can also test the email message you created by using TEST EMAIL function.
    • Click the TEST EMAIL button to open a test window.
    • Enter the testing recipient information then click SEND.
  7. When ready, click NEXT to proceed to final step. Click here.mm_mppe2.png

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Define Campaign Details

Final step, define campaign details.


  1. Specify an email name for recording your message.
  2. You can specify the recipients from your order history. Select Customer Order Range, Select Product Category, Set Order Amount, Select Manufacturer(s) and Input Item Number(s). Select the proper values that apply to your targeted recipients. Click REFRESH to identify matched recipients.
  3. You can customize the sending schedule for your message. Select Send Now if you would like to send messages immediately. Or select Schedule Send to schedule messages to be sent as preferred.
  4. Click SAVE AS DRAFT if you have not finished and will modify the content later. Or click SEND to trigger email messages.mm_mppe3.png

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Contact US

For technical questions, please email us at
For general questions, please reach out to your Category Manager or email us at

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