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Newegg Elite Seller Program Guide

Newegg Elite Seller Program offers three types of membership for different business model of sellers: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. This guide will help you understand the following:

Program Option and Benefits

By joining the different type of membership, sellers can use different set of tools for business operation and enjoy the discount of Newegg marketplace add-on service like SBN (Shipped by Newegg). All available options and benefits are explained below: nespg_fig1.jpg

Available Features:

Seller Portal

Newegg Marketplace Seller Portal is a powerful web portal that conveniently offers sellers the access to product management, order fulfillment, and promotion capabilities.
Available for: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise

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Newegg marketplace provides the complete integration solutions for sellers to integrate with Newegg Marketplace:

  • Datafeeds. Various datafeed templates give sellers the ability to transform their data in batch to Newegg Marketplace for daily operations. Available types:
    • Item listing/ content update
    • Item price/ inventory update
    • Order report/ processing
    • Available formats:
      • MS Excel (.xlsx)
      • Flat file: Comma-Delimited (.csv) or Tab-Delimited (.txt)
      • XML (.xml)
  • API. Newegg API service enables you to programmatically integrating with Newegg system. It allows sellers to manage Item listing/ content update, Item price/ inventory Update, order report/ processing, return and refund, and retrieving business report in a real time basis. For more details, please download our API Development Guide.

Available for: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise

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On-site Promotion

On-site promotions are powerful tools that can boost visibility and sales for your entire Newegg store or a particular product. On-site promotions include Homepage Banners, placements within the Featured Sellers and Daily Deals sections, and more.

Available for: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise

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Dedicated Account Manager

When you join Newegg Marketplace as a Professional or Enterprise Seller you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will work with you to help you succeed every step of the way, from onboarding to reaching your revenue goals. Specifically, account managers help ensure your seller account is setup properly, your products are correctly categorized and easily searchable, advocate for special promotions on your products, and answer any and all questions you may have about Newegg Marketplace.

Available for: Professional, and Enterprise

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Premium Seller Store

Premium Seller Store will help sellers to maximize their business by creating dedicated professional-looking store for displaying promotional banners and products. You can access to the store building function in Seller Portal that you can manage and promote your business.
Available for: Professional and Enterprise

How to Set Up Premium Seller Store Access Seller Portal then open Manage Store > Store Front. To get started with setting up store front, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Set Top Banner

  1. Adding banners on the top of your store. A maximum of 4 banners can be added. Click ADD NEW IMAGE to create banner. nespg_fig6.jpg
  2. Add title for banner. This will be seen above of your banner.
  3. Adding featured items to your store:
  4. Click ADD IMG to upload banner to Newegg system.
  5. [Optional] Add URL Link for banner if there is landing page available for current banner.
  6. Status: to activate or deactivate current banner.
  7. Set the priority for each banner. This decides the order of banners displaying on your store front.
  8. [Optional] Schedule start and end date/time of banner to list on store front page.
  9. Important! At least one active banner is required to proceed further. Click NEXT to continue.

Step 2 - Set Categories

  1. Select available subcategories that will be displayed under store page. Customers are able to navigate your items under its specific subcategories. To start, select category style. Identify how many category(s) and the format that you would like to display on store front page.
  2. Edit category. To edit, click on the pencil icon on the category box to open edit window.
  3. Enter the information for all required fields then click SUBMIT to continue.
  4. After completing all categories, click NEXT to continue.

Step 3 - Set Featured Items

  1. ADD ITEM. You can now add your featured items on your store front.
    • Use this option if you know the specific item number. Input Seller Part# or Newegg item# accordingly to add item to feature. This process is designed for you to add one item at a time.
  2. BATCH ADD. Download template and input Seller Part# in batch.
  3. You can change the position of each featured item(s) under Store Front page by updating the Priority. nespg_fig14.jpg
  4. Click icon under Action to view featured item on Newegg website. nespg_fig15.jpg
  5. To remove listing(s) from store, select item(s) by checking on its checkbox or select upper most checkbox to select all then click REMOVE SELECTED ITEMS. nespg_fig16.jpg
  6. You can also add items in batch:
    • Click BATCH ADD icon nespg_fig17.jpg
    • The window of Add Featured Item by Batch will open. nespg_fig18.jpg
    • Click Download File Template to download the file for adding items.
    • When you completed, click Browse to upload your file. The result will be displayed in the Item Detail section. Click OK to complete. nespg_fig19.jpg
  7. Click NEXT to continue.

Step 4 - Set Customized HTML (Optional)

  1. You can easily adding customized messages that contain HTML or adding video clips in the message section of your store front. There are two sections available: Custom HTML and Current HTML. Custom HTML is the section for you to input information. And Current HTML is to display the current information available on your store front.
    • Enter the well-formatted message in HTML or upload an image banner or video clip.
  2. When complete, click PREVIEW to verify or NEXT to continue. Important! All customized HTML message or video clip will be reviewed by Newegg team. The review status will be displayed on the bottom of the section:
    • Draft: saved but not submit yet.
    • Pending: submitted and waiting for review. It will take up to 7 business days for review process. If the status of your request was not updated for more than 7 business days, please contact Newegg team: for assistance.
    • Approved: reviewed and approved. Currently live on store front.
    • Declined: content does not meet Newegg requirement. Please correct the input then submit again.

Step 5 - Set Top Navigation (Optional)

  1. Setup available top navigation menu that will be displayed on the top of Store Front. There are two options available: direct link and drop-menu with subpages.
  2. Adding direct link by click + ADD LINK TAB.
  3. Enter the information for all required fields then click SUBMIT to complete.
  4. Adding drop-menu with subpages by click + ADD DROP DOWN TAB.
  5. Enter the information for all required fields then click SUBMIT to complete.

Step 6 - Complete the Setup Process

  1. Complete the setup with the following options:
    • Click PREVIEW if you would like to verify your current configurations/ or updates.
    • Click SAVE & CLOSE If you would like to save your update as draft and will come back to edit soon before submitting your requests.
    • Click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL if the setup of your Premium Store Front is completed and ready to go live. Please note:
      • If your requests are not related to Set Custom HTML (Optional) then the changes will go live without waiting for approval.
      • If your requests including Set Custom HTML (Optional) then all changes will go live after the request was approved.
      • If the status of your request was not updated for more than 7 business days, please contact Newegg team: for assistance.

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Curated Marketing Programs

Joining Newegg Marketplace as a Professional or Enterprise level seller guarantees eligibility for our Curated Marketing Programs. These programs may include social media campaigns, exclusive blog posts, video, and more. Our marketing team assesses eligible sellers and will contact you if you are selected for a curated marketing program.

Available for: Professional and Enterprise nespg_fig31.jpg

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Personalized Post Purchase Email

When a customer makes a purchase from your store, they are fully engaged with your store. This is a great opportunity to further engage these customers to upsell and cross-sell using our post-purchase email strategy. Our personalized Post Purchase Email is available exclusively to Enterprise Sellers and allows you, as the seller, to target your customers, driving brand engagement and return business. Features include audience segmentation, curated email templates, and scheduled email sends.

Available for: Enterprise

How to Manage Post Purchase Email

Access Seller Portal then open Manage Message > Post Purchase Email. For creating new messages, Click CREATE NEW to start and follow the steps below: Step 1 - Select Template

  1. There are 4 pre-designed templates available for you to create your email messages. Available templates including Thank You Generic, Promo Code Single Item, Promo Code Store Wide, and Cross Sale.
  2. Based on the template you selected, the pre-defined text and feature items from your store will be added.
  3. Click the pencil icon for opening a pop-up window for editing text. For example, adding promo code issued for customers.
  4. You can also test the email message you created by using TEST EMAIL function. Click the TEST EMAIL button to open a test window.
    • Enter the testing recipient information then click SEND.
    • You should receive the message shortly. Verify the test email message you received. When ready, click NEXT to continue.

Step 2 - Define Campaign Details

  1. Specify an email name for recording your message.
  2. Select recipients. You can specify the recipients for your email from your order history. Several filters are available: Order Date, Order Amount, Seller Part #, Manufacturer, or/ and Category. Select the proper values that apply your needs. Click SEARCH to identify matched recipients.
  3. You can customize the sending schedule for your message. Select Send Now if you would like to send messages immediately. Or select Schedule to schedule messages to be sent as preferred.
  4. Click SAVE AS DRAFT if you have not finished and will modify the content later. Or click SEND to trigger email messages.

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Shipped by Newegg Fulfillment

Shipped by Newegg (SBN) is an efficient and price-conscious fulfillment service that harnesses the power of Newegg’s logistics infrastructure for you. By using SBN sellers can have Newegg house inventory, pick, pack, and ship products on their behalf. With state of the art order fulfillment centers across the country, SBN will help scale your business and reach a broader range of customers. Click here for the detailed information about Shipped by Newegg (SBN).

Available for:

  • Standard: service available with regular rate
  • Professional: service available with 5% discount rate
  • Enterprise: service available with 10% discount rate

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Item Listings

Newegg Marketplace encourages sellers to submit their complete inventory of products and make them available for customers to shop. Based on different subscriptions of membership, different item listing limit of items will apply:

  • Standard: up to 5,000 items
  • Professional: up to 25,000 items
  • Enterprise: unlimited


  • New Sellers, registered after October 16, 2017. The new item limitation will begin immediately.
  • Existing Sellers, registered before October 16, 2017. No change will be made to seller’s currently listings

until March 31, 2018. Sellers are required to maintain their item listing count with corresponding level or upgrade their membership to the higher level before March 31, 2018.

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How to Enroll

After signup with Newegg Marketplace, you become a Standard seller and ready to do business on To boost your business, you can upgrade your membership to either Professional or Enterprise level.

Upgrade your Program
To upgrade your membership is easy! Just simply do the following:

  1. Access Seller Portal, then open Manage Account > Membership Settings
  2. Click UPGRADE under the program you would like to enroll.
  3. On the next page, you will be able to enter your payment information and review the terms and conditions of Newegg Elite Seller Program.
    • Your membership will be renewed each month. A valid payment card is required for monthly payment.
    • Next, review the terms and conditions. Check the box of I acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions of participation in the Newegg Elite Seller Program. to accept the terms. Click the SUBMIT to complete the upgrade.
    • When upgrade process is completed, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the upgrade process is completed. Your subscription to the new program will begin immediately. Your new membership type will be displayed on the Seller Portal for your reference. The additional functions to the marketing tools will appear on your Seller Portal menu.

Switch Between Different Programs If your current membership option is not the right one for you, you can switch between different programs. To switch, please contact Newegg Seller Service team at to cancel your current service then you can subscribe again.
Please note: Initial enrollment in a Professional or Enterprise membership is 6 months with risk-free cancellation thereafter.

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For technical questions, please email us at
For general questions, please reach out to your Category Manager or email us at

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