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 +==== Order Process Errors and Resolutions ====
 +^ Error Code  ^ Error Message ​ ^  Resolution ​ ^
 +|D30000001 | **DownloadFileError** ​  | Re-upload your file. If it fails again with the same error, please contact [[]].|
 +|D30000002 | **FileContentError** | Please check the header matches the latest template version. ​ Please check your file for invalid or nonprintable characters. |
 +|D30000003 | **The order number specified cannot be found in our system. ​ Please verify.** | This error occurs when the order number does not match any order for under your Newegg account. ​ Please verify the order number is correct.|
 +|D30000004 | **The ShippedQty is required and must be larger than zero** | The item’s ShippedQty must be greater than zero.  Please check the ShippedQty field contains an integer value greater than zero. |
 +|D30000005 | **NoRecord** |The file did not include any records. ​ Please check the file’s content. |
 +|D30000006 | **Open File Error: The file format or file extension is not valid. ​ Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.** | The file maybe corrupted or the extension does not match the actual format of the file.  Please check the file is not corrupted and the file extension matches the file’s format. |
 +|D30000007 |** The Sheet named, "​BatchShippingUpdate"​ cannot be found in Excel file.** | |
 +|D30000008 | **We are sorry an unknown exception has occurred in our system, please contact [[]].** | The database or a server may have malfunctioned. ​ Please contact [[]] so they can look into the problem.|
 +|D30000009 | **The item does not exist or it is a Shipped by Newegg item.**| Please check the seller part number is correct and exist in your Newegg Item List.  If correct, verify the item’s fulfillment type. |
 +|D30000017 | **The order is Shipped by Newegg and cannot be processed by Seller, SONumber: [{0}], SellerID: [{1}]** | ::: |
 +|D30000010 | **SellerPartNumber is required.** | Input the correct seller part number and/or Newegg Item Number associated with the order. ​ The item’s part numbers can be found in the Order List file downloaded from our system or can be found by looking up the order number under Manage Order>​Order List in Seller Portal. |
 +|D30000011 | **SellerPartNumber and Newegg Item Number do not match.** | ::: |
 +|D30000025 | **Invalid item: {SellerPart#​} for order #: {0}.** | ::: |
 +|D30000012 | **Another item from the same order has caused an error. ​ Order cannot be processed.** | This error message will be thrown for multiple items, for example item A and B, for one order. ​ Item B will receive this error message if item A receives an error. ​ To resolve, check the error message for item A and fix accordingly.|
 +|D30000013 | **OrderNumber/​SONumber is required.** |The order number is required. ​ Please check your original Order List file to obtain the correct order number. |
 +|D30000018 | **Invalid order number!** | ::: |
 +|D30000014 |**Your company code cannot be found. Please contact [[]].** | |
 +|D30000015 | **The order does not exist in Newegg_SOMaster,​ SONumber: {0}, SellerID: {1}** | Please check the order number is correct and formatted correctly. ​ If correct, contact [[]]. |
 +|D30000016 | **The Order status is currently: [{0}]. ​ Our system cannot perform any operation on an order that does not have an '​Unshipped'​ or '​Partially Shipped'​ status. ​ Please verify.** | The order cannot be updated once it has closed or completed. ​ Please check the order status is correct and the order includes the correct item content via Seller Portal.If there are any issues or concerns, please contact [[]].|
 +|D30000024 | **This item has already been shipped.** | ::: |
 +| D30000019 | **Ship Date is invalid. ​ Future date cannot be accepted.** | The ship date must be between the order date and current date (inclusive). ​ |
 +|D30000020 | **The ship carrier and ship service that customer picked can not be changed, except eggsaver or large.** | Enter the carrier (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc) and method (i.e. Ground, Two-Day Shipping, etc.) that you used to ship the item(s). ​ If you have multiple shipping methods available for customers to select then you will need to provide the exact carrier and method they have chosen. |
 +|D30000021 | **Ship Carrier and ship service are required.** ​ | ::: |
 +|D30000022 | **There are empty package in this shipment** | Please check the item’s quantity shipped is equal to the quantity that is ordered.You may ship multiple quantity in different packages (under different tracking numbers) only if the total ordered quantity is shipped on the same date and uploaded to our system within the same file or API request. ​  |
 +|D30000026 |**Invalid item quantity for item: {Seller Part #} for order #: {0}.  Item's Shipped Quantity cannot be greater than Ordered Quantity.** | ::: |
 +|D30000027 |**Invalid item quantity for item: {Seller Part #} for order #: {0}.  Item's Shipped Quantity cannot be less than Ordered quantity.** | ::: |
 +|D30000023 |**This tracking number has been used by order number: [{0}]. Please input a tracking number that has not been used.** |Please check the tracking number is correct and formatted correctly in your file.  If you are using MS Excel or a spreadsheet application,​ format the Tracking number cell as text.|

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