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 +**Error Message**
 +  PRODUCTDESCRIPTION - Only simple HTML tags without any inline attributes are 
 +  allowed in Product Descriptions. The following HTML tags are allowed: <ol>, <​ul>, ​
 +  <li>, <br>, <p>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <em>, <​strong>,​ <​sub>,​ <​sup>​. Please check your
 +  Product Description to ensure that only these tags are included.
 +**Error Code:**
 +This error is normally thrown when the item's description contains an HTML tag other than the tags
 +allowed; the HTML within the description is not well-formed (each open tag needs a corresponding
 +closing tag); or character that is reserved for HTML.
 +To resolve, remove any html tags that are not allowed. Refer to the error description for a list of
 +allowed HTML tags or our quick start integration guide. Be sure each HTML tag has a corresponding
 +closing tag. Replace or remove any characters that are reserved for HTML (i.e. '>'​ or '<'​ could be
 +replaced with '&​gt;'​ or '&​lt;'​ respectively).

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